How to Sell Scrap Gold

With the world reserve currency (the USD) being so low these days due to the federal reserve and US government being irresponsible and diluting it's value, the price of Gold is at an all time high!

Many poeple see this as the perfect opportunity to cash in on their old, scrap

jewelry that has been sitting around for years. Many people are pleasantly surprised at the value small, gold bracelets, rings, necklaces etc. have when selling them to a cash for gold type website.

Fortunately the process of selling scrap gold online is very easy! You simply visit one of the best sites to sell gold online, submit your information and they send you an envelope free of charge. You stick your scrap gold in there and they send you a quote. If you accept they send you a check. If you decline they send it back... it's that easy!

I've done it several times and received good money for each peice I sold. Most of these companies accept not only gold, but also silver and they accept both gold and sivler in a variety of forms like dental fillings, all types of jewelry etc.

And there are no worries when it comes to liability in mailing your gold, because all of the credible sites offer tracking numbers and guarantees.

Most of these companies are also accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) which means they are credible and can prove it.

So if you have any scrap gold or silver sitting around that just sits in a drawer, get it out and sell it for top dollar while gold and silver prices are at an all time high! To get started just read my reviews via the following link and pick the one you like the best.

Best Sites to Sell Gold